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A first-of-its kind claimed at road riders and mountain bike enthusiasts will kick off for its inaugural event in the Western Cape from 5-8 October 2017. The Cape Duo Challenge features teams of two tackling a variety of scenic routes across paved roads and mountain bike track, with the race beginning in the Slanghoek Valley, moving through Welbedacht in Wellington and ending in the scenic Rhebokskloof Wine Farm in Paarl.

The event takes cycling’s two disciplines and brings them together to answer a simple question: Who’s able to conquer both skill sets and emerged fastest overall?

On day one teams split up, with the first rider taking part in a 40 kilometre road race and the second rider tackling 25 kilometres of challenging terrain that will test their mettle with a track that encompasses 800 metres of elevation gain.

Views of the Slanghoek Valley are on full display as riders immerse themselves in a true cycling challenge.  On day two, teams ride in tandem across 125 kilometres of paved track.  The following morning riders head off road and negotiate the Welvanpas trail.  Finally, day four incorporates paved roads before teams hit a surprise detour through the Rheboksloof cross-country mountain-bike trail, with the finish line at Rheboksloof Wine Farm.

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