VIRGIN ACTIVE WATERSTONE – The Perfect place to start training!

Photo Credit: Virgin Active Waterstone Village

You have entered your ‘big’ event, been on your bike, and still not feeling pleased
with your performance – You’re starting to doubt if you should have done this at all!
Re-think the benefits cycling could have on your health – It strengthens your
cardiovascular system, reduces risk of heart disease and cancer, gets you fit, lose
weight and burns fat, releases endorphins the “happy drug,” boosts your bowels,
beats illness, makes you look younger, sleep better, improves your sex life, and
develops a positive addiction!

Cycling is not just about time in the saddle and going for the odd hill climb. There
are a number of other aspects of training which can help you achieve your goals.
Virgin Active Waterstone Village, located in Somerset West, is the perfect place
to start training.

The new upgraded Watt Bike Studio to be opened soon. The Watt Bike training
methodology is based on using a combination of heart rate and power to achieve
the most effective training session based on your personal fitness levels and training
goals. It accurately tracks your power/watt output, cadence, speed and heart
rate etc. In a group environment it is just so much more motivating and fun.
Off the bike strength and endurance training, core stability and flexibility are facets
that are neglected by many a cyclist. Studio classes like pilates, stretch, yoga and
shape can improve your performance on the bike.

One on one or partner sessions can be of great benefit if you prefer Personal
Training. Personal Trainers create specific individual workout programmes based
on what you which to achieve. Correct technique is taught to perform the given
exercise. Motivation, accountability, efficiency, and variety is just a few of the benefits of working with a qualified trainer.

Get out the diary and start planning your training to succeed in your Ultimate Race!

 Article by Desiree Naude

For more information call Virgin Active Waterstone Village on 021 851 2704