Uwe Koetter Double Century/Zwift Challenge – There is no “i” in “Team”

Following a very successful “Rise” challenge which was based on individual efforts, Uwe Koetter is proud to announce a cycling challenge focused on team effort.

The spin-off? A chance to form part of the Uwe Koetter team in the Double Century. If competing there is not for you, then simply join for the team rides and reap the benefits.

To get started, you need either a dumb trainer (with a speed sensor if it doesn’t have a power sensor) or a smart trainer, your shoes and both a Strava and Zwift account. Then, join us at the Uwe Koetter MeetUps on Zwift to participate. If this seems a bit foreign to you, you can ask us and we’ll help you set up.

As we said, it’s all about the team – the “Keep Together” function on Zwift will ensure that no-one is left behind, nor that anyone speeds away. Furthermore, the social aspect of riding isn’t lost on Zwift (make sure to download the “Discord” app which allows for talking over your headset and mic).

If you’re a non-professional rider older than 19, book your spot on the Uwe Koetter team by rank in the top 12 competitors by the end of the competition. Team selection is based on a number of factors each with a respective weighting including performance (30%), commitment (30%) and teamwork (40%).

Other than the individual entry to the Double Century (subject to the event going ahead of course), we’re also pleased to say that spot prizes of Uwe Koetter kit including bibs, jerseys, socks and jackets as well as Zwift(R) memberships will be up for grabs.

Spectators can follow the action by joining the Discord channel or following the live stream of events on the Uwe Koetter Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/Uwekoetter1968.

“We’re looking forward to having you ride with us. Challenge a friend, enter below and join our team!”

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