Top men’s line-up for Super League Triathlon in Jersey, UK

Super League Triathlon
Photo credit: ITU, Wagner Araujo

Fifty of the world’s leading male and female triathletes, including 25 Olympians from around the world, will compete in Jersey, UK, for the Super League Triathlon crown from 23-24 September 2017.

The men’s line-up will include Richard Murray from South Africa, the Brownlee brothers from the UK, their rivals Javier Gomez Noya and Mario Mola Diaz from Spain, as well as 20 other leading male triathletes.

The Super League Triathlon event in Jersey is offering equal prize money of $130,000 for both the men and women triathletes. As Japan 2020 approaches, national Olympic federations will be keeping a close eye on how their athletes perform in Super League Triathlon in Jersey because the 2020 Olympic Games will be introducing triathlon mixed relay events, which are very similar to the fast and furious Super League Triathlon format.

Commenting on the men’s rivalries, two-time Ironman world champion and Super League Triathlon co-founder Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack said: “The Brownlee brothers have been the gold standard, and they respect long-term rival Javier Gomez Noya from Spain. The new wave of rivalry is coming from Richard Murray and Mario Mola Diaz. The new athletes to look for are Jake Birtwhistle and Ben Dijkstra.”

Heir apparent to the male triathlon throne, South African Richard Murray, flourished under the new Super League Triathlon format, winning the title in Australia. Richard is looking forward to Jersey in September in order to try and strengthen his claim for the number one spot on the triathlon circuit, halting the dominance British athletes have enjoyed over the sport in recent years.  Murray commented: “Super League Hamilton Island changed triathlon racing and showed fans how exciting it can be when showcased properly. I can’t wait for round two at Super League Jersey.

Athletes and fans should expect wild, exciting and full speed racing from the fastest triathletes in the world. It’s big gear, no fear! I’m planning for this event already. My competitors will need to turn up in peak condition. I’m ready for them!”

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