“The Real Connection Between Health & Wealth = #Whasp”

Rockfin Wealth Management – our philosophy: Healthy and Wealthy go together.

People are taking decisive action to help us live longer and at the same time, advances in medicine and nutrition are also helping us extend our lives.

But here’s an important thought: if you’re taking action to live a longer life, but you’re not getting yourself financially prepared for a longer life, you’re only getting half the job done. After all, do you see yourself as one of those cool grandmas scooting around town on a Vespa or well…not?

Likewise if you do not look after your nutrition, especially while exercising, you are also only doing half a job!

Investing into your exercise, diet supported by proper nutrition, has a similar effect to investing with money but has a physical impact rather than financial impact, hence the strong connection!

Pierre du Plooy – Brand Owner of Whasp Sport Nutrition

The Whasp Sport Nutrition philosophy is to build a trusted health and sport nutrition brand, providing quality formulated products and expanding awareness of health in general to all walks of life, inspiring more to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

We have taken a stance against common sugars and have excluded it from all our formulations and make use of patented ingredients to ensure products of the highest quality.

We are firm believers that having a balanced life means investing in yourself – the returns are always worth the effort.

To enjoy your Rockfin Wealth you need to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle during your Wealth building period to have true benefit of you Wealth.

The question is what is the point of reaching retirement if you cannot enjoy your hard earned money because you did not invest in your health in the process?

“Healthy and Wealthy go together – Whasp and Rockfin, an expert combination”