The idea behind The BikeBox

“Our BikeBox is ready to travel the world with you and your bike. After months of designing, testing, folding and more testing BikeBox has ticked all the boxes including full protection, durability, waterproof, affordability, lightweight, easy storage and is produced locally,” says Christine Collins, Inventor and founder of the BikeBox Company.

Christine Collins, of German origin moved to South Africa 15 years ago to join her husband John Collins. Christine has a Diploma in Geology, but soon after her studies re-orientated into the Sporting Event business. Together Christine and John founded the company, Magnetic South in Knysna which to date organises sporting events.

Other than organising a number of Adventure based Events, Christine and John also participated in the Sport of Adventure Racing – especially John who is part of Team Painted Wolf, and who also competed in a number of World Championships.

“Adventure Racing involves a number of Adventure Sports, one of them being mountain biking. As most races take place in remote areas in different places around the world, we travelled a lot with our bicycles. Anybody who travelled with a bike before would know that it is a schlep,” Christine explains.

Challenges facing whilst travelling with bikes

“Challenges that we needed to overcome during our travels included first and foremost the safety of our bikes. We tried the cheap and light option of a cardboard box which ended up getting wet and disintegrated to the detriment of our bikes. We travelled with expensive bike bags and hard-shell cases, but then we faced the challenge of weight allowances dictated by the airlines, and if not complying, massive excess baggage fees at check-in are levied. And then the next challenge is the box itself. Once arrived at the destination you might have hired a small vehicle or be picked up by friends or family with a normal size car. You will always be able to fit your disassembled bike into the car, but what about the box?” Christine continues.

“Bike Boxes take a massive amount of space when stored – and let it be 2 boxes – you have to park your car outside. All these challenges made me think. I was intrigued and started designing a collapsible BikeBox,” Christine adds. This process was done after-hours, while Christine was organising events for Magnetic South, and it took her the better of a full year. In March 2018 Christine decided to quit her day job and gave the BikeBox project her full attention.

The Ultimate Bike Box

Christine spent hours testing on different bikes, sizes, models of components, including the registration of her design patent. She sent boxes around the world to friends and anybody who was willing to test her product.

Christine kept designing and improving her designs and added the Bike Guards which is protective Inners that fold around the fragile components such as derailleur, crank, disc brakes, gear cluster and front shock.  The result – two different sizes, Bike Boxes for mountain bikes, and Bike Boxes for road bikes.

The BikeBox produced by the BikeBox Company was launched in March 2019 at the Cape Town Cycle Tour and the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. A foldable “Box-in-the-Box” which offers convenient space for bicycle accessories during transport as well as wheels for ease of transport in the airport were added to the product.

BikeBox – Our BikeBox is a strong, waterproof alternative for traveling with your bike over multiple journeys. The box weighs a mere 6kgs. It folds into itself and uses 80% less storage space than a hardcover box.

Bike Guards – The BikeBox includes a set of Bike Guards. These are foldable protective inners to cover important components such as cassette, disc brakes, crank, rear derailleur and front shock.

“Box-in-a-Box” – The brand-new “box-in-a-box” design folds and fits right into your BikeBox and accommodates all the Bike accessories that normally get lost at the bottom of your travel bag.

Wheels – A set of wheels for the BikeBox make travel between Airport Terminals so much more comfortable. Conveniently attached with Velcro strips, the wheels can quickly be applied and removed.

“Having close ties with the Adventure Racing Community and knowing that the athletes all face the same challenges with bike transport, I made my BikeBox available to Expedition Africa, which is taking place in Rodrigues. With fantastic support from Kinetic Events, the organisers, I am honoured to see dozens of BikeBoxes transported to the island with the participating teams for the upcoming event,” Christine concluded.

Eurobike Award: Our BikeBox is one of the 43 winning bike-innovations recently selected by the Eurobike Award Jury in Friedrichshafen, Germany – one of the most influential Bicycle Trade Shows in the world.

The winners will be announced on 4 September 2019 with 9 of the winning bike-innovations receiving a Gold-Award. One of the major benefits that our BikeBox will have on the European market is that it can be stored in small spaces – as many Europeans live mostly in flats and have very limited storage facilities.

For more information contact Christine on +27 72 030 9750, or visit