Signal Bikes to deliver its promise of speed you can afford

Signal Bikes
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Rush Sports is proud to announce it will hold the exclusive distribution rights to Signal Bikes in South Africa effective February 2019.

Signal Bikes, which was unveiled to the public this morning, is named after Cape Town’s iconic Signal Hill and shares the city’s unique energy and outdoor lifestyle. The range will be available nationwide through a carefully selected dealer network.

Fundamental to the essence and credibility of Signal Bikes is the partnership with Oli ‘Pinner’ Munnik, a born and bred Cape Townian, whose proven racing pedigree and one-of-a-kind vibe will enable Signal Bikes to deliver its promise of speed you can afford.

Oli Munnik said, “Signal Bikes is the realisation of a dream that aims to create and develop an authentic brand that riders throughout South Africa – from laaities to ballies – aspire to be a part of. Having grown up riding the jeep tracks and legal trails on Signal Hill I am stoked to put that name on the down tube of bikes that represent such an authentic mountain biking landmark, and such a big part of my life. This opportunity is incredibly exciting and together with Rush Sports I look forward to keeping it pinned, one trail at a time.”

Rush Sports’ MD Andre van Aarde said “Signal for me is the culmination of an immense team effort, dreaming, testing and creating product that consumers of all ages can aspire to own rather than simply afford to. Oli Munnik is by far the most authentic individual I have been fortunate enough to ride (behind) and work beside. Signal, like him, will no doubt look to carve its own, unique inspiring path.”

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