Raise the Heat With New SSISA Endurance Studio


With cycling participation numbers on the rise, more people are looking to become fitter, stronger and improve their cycling performance. For those stretched for time or athletes who want to apply greater focus to their training, an indoor endurance focused studio can be a huge advantage.

Dr Mike Posthumus, the new Sport Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) Sports Performance Manager has been instrumental in assisting SSISA to create its own Endurance Studio, a training environment specifically designed for cyclists and other endurance athletes.

Mike is an avid cyclist and mountain-biker, but has only been cycling for 6 years, after he stopped playing rugby. He completed his fourth ABSA Cape Epic this year, finishing 30th in a very competitive elite men’s category.  To Mike’s own admission, his cycling success is not due to natural ability. His hard work in training, added to his excellent knowledge of training periodisation and prescription, has helped Mike to prepare for the races in which he competes.

Being a cyclist, Mike works long hours and tries to spend as much time as possible with his family; therefore had he to devise ways of becoming more time efficient. One method he often applies is to train indoors on a Wattbike or indoor trainer, that allows for a far greater training stress and stimulus compared to cycling for the same duration outdoors.

“When you are on an indoor cycle, there is never a lapse of effort, like stopping at a stop street or coasting down a hill; you have to work each second of the way. Specifically training on a Wattbike, there is also no place to hide. Riding to power tells you exactly what effort you are putting in each second of your ride,” says Mike.

The Endurance Studio is the dream of any endurance athlete whether you are professional or recreational, and looking for a place to train, backed by more than 20 years of in-house science and research, and managed by the SSISA’s Sports Performance Centre. The studio is equipped with 10 brand new Wattbikes, 8 Grucox eccentric isokinetic bikes, a core stretching area, and will soon be equipped with a couple of treadmills and an indoor rower.

Training sessions have been specifically engineered by the cycling experts from Science to Sport and  Dr Mike Posthumus who has also personally designed each of the periodised training programmes, which follow scientific principles. Similar to the fitness centre, the Endurance studio has free unlimited use available to its members as an added benefit.

Members may choose to follow a specific training programme where each training session will include individualised training relative to each member’s ability. The sign on process therefore consists of performance assessments on both the Wattbike and the Grucox bike. The results of these short tests are used to track and monitor the members progress.

According to Posthumus it is very hard to replicate the experience of riding outside to an indoor cycle.

Wattbike benefits include: The added wind and magnetic resistance of the Wattbikes give a very realistic ride feel, the Wattbike provides accurate and repeatable power data, better ride feel of any other trainer or indoor bike on the market, and you can view pedal stroke technique feedback in real time.

Some of the Gucox Benefits include: Eccentric cycling has shown to have several positive performance and health benefits. Eccentric training also allows for improved muscle control and activation. Greater strength gains compared to conventional resistance training (concentric).

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