Pro mountain bikers to take on Origin of Trails MTB Experience

Photo credit: Mark Sampson

Usually at the front end of a race, Swiss Marathon Champion Ariane Lüthi (Switzerland), Jennie Stenerhag (Sweden) and Frans Claes (Belgium) will experience a different side to the sport when they take on SA’s “MTB party of the year”, the 7th annual Savanna Origin of Trails MTB Experience at Blaauwklippen Wine Estate on Saturday 30 November 2019 and Sunday 01 December 2019.

No stranger to the event or Stellenbosch (which is basically her second home), Lüthi is excited by the idea of taking things slower on the bike.  “I cannot wait to chat with fellow riders while having fun on the bike,” says Lüthi.  “By taking part in the Savanna Origin of Trails I get to discover new trails around my second home.  Stellenbosch is trail heaven and has some of the most flowing single tracks on offer.  The event showcases some of the best trails in my favourite trail park, Jonkershoek and the infamous G-Spot, which gets any mountain biker excited.  It’s become a bit of a tradition for me and marks the moment that I start to get serious about the upcoming season.  My goal is to have a great time on the bike, while catching up with my South African friends and enjoying the great lunch that is on offer after each stage.”

A proud Stellenbosch resident, Stenerhag has enjoyed the MTB party of the year more times than she can remember.  “I’ve actually lost count,” laughs Stenerhag.  “I love riding the trails around Stellenbosch, you definitely get to enjoy the best network of single track in the country.  At the Savanna Origin of Trails there are always some new trails that are always nice to ride.  We get to try a bit of everything.  It’s a great way of seeing the best trails around.  The event is relaxed.  I really enjoy the vibe.  My only goal will be to have fun, while getting in two good training rides.  I will not be racing, only riding and taking the opportunity to socialize a bit while I ride.  This is something I normally don’t have time for during a race. You will see me stopping at most of the waterpoints!  I would definitely recommend this event to all mountain bikers.  It is such a nice, fun event with awesome trails and a great relaxing atmosphere afterwards where you can enjoy a beer and lunch at a beautiful wine farm.”

According to Claes, it’s the atmosphere, the routes, the trails and nature that attracts him to the Savanna Origin of Trails MTB Experience.  “I like riding the flowing single tracks around Stellenbosch,” says Claes.  “I am looking forward to riding them all over two days.  It’s always nice to start training while riding with a friend, especially on these nice trails.  This event has a really nice ambiance, and hopefully the weather will be good.  My goal will be to have fun and laugh a lot.”