PPA 12 Hours of Killarney Is Back!

PPA 12 Hours of Killarney

The PPA 12 Hours of Killarney powered by EpiQ is back on Sunday, 8 April at the Killarney Motor Racing Track in Milnerton to test your endurance legs. Riders can participate as an individual (solo) rider, in a pair of 2 riders, or in a team of 4 riders.
Pairs and teams will ride in relays, with one rider being on the track at a time, while a minimum number of laps must be completed to get a bronze medal.

There is no set number of laps that each team member must complete and pairs/teams can decide for themselves when to change over and/or when to take a rest. Similarly, as a solo rider you can decide for yourself when you want to ride and how many laps you want to complete before taking a break.

Complete as many laps as possible in 12 hours. Can you beat the 2017 record of 129 laps / 417 km (Solo)? While the event officially starts at 06h00, riders are welcome to start their onslaught any time between 06h00 and 08h00 if you are not gunning for the lap record challenge. Your last lap (for medal and prize winning purposes) must start before 18h00, and must be completed before 18h10.

There is a R5 000 cash prize on offer for the record. In addition, the top 3 male solo riders and top female solo rider will win prize money, with gold medals to the top 10 solo finishers on the day.

Medals will be performance-based: Gold medals to the top 10 solo riders and top female solo rider; Silver medals to all riders completing 60 laps and more; and Bronze medals to all riders completing between 35-59 laps. Prize giving will take place at 18h30 or as soon as the results have been finalized by Racetec.

Entries close on Thursday, 5 April 2018. Since the names of riders participating in pairs and teams must be linked and pre-loaded onto the results database, late entries on the day of the event can be taken only for solo (individual) riders.

For more information visit www.pedalpower.org.za

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