Piket-Bo-Berg Trails are home to the Piket-Bo-Berg Challenge

Piket-Bo-Berg Challenge
Photo: Chris Hitchcock

The trails are unique because Piket-bo-berg is very diverse and unique in itself. We merely circumnavigate the mountain and this is one factor that contributes to the unique and diverse feel of the trails. The Piket-bo-berg Trails include 3 farms building trails simultaneously with each farm building the type of trails that they prefer. The total distance and elevation of single track in the trail park is ±101km and 2900m elevation.

Piket-bo-berg Trails are home to the Piket-Bo-Berg Challenge and the U Stage Race. These trails are closed to the public as both farms are working farms and with certain dangers and challenges for riders and  farmworkers and managing access and safety of small amounts of riders to the private farms would be costly and unpractical. The first event took place in September 2009 – completely organised by the members of the NPO (Landowners & Farmworkers).

The 8th edition of the Piket-Bo-Berg Challenge will take place on 9 September 2017. The Distances include: 63km, (1600m ascent,62% Single Track, 7/10 Tech Score – for experienced MTB’ers), 37km (700m ascent, 62% Single Track, 6/10 Tech Score – for riders looking to build technical skills and fitness), 27km (594m ascent, 44 % Single Track, 4/10 Tech Score – a great introduction to the trails in terms of fitness and skill),  and lastly the 10km (for the kiddies complete with a kiddies pump track and bits of introductory single track).

Piket-bo-berg Trails sponsor about 40 farmworkers and kids to take part in the various events to give them the opportunity to take part in a professional MTB/Trail Run Event. “We celebrate them by giving prizes and announcing the podium positions in each category for the development team.”

The whole community will be involved with local foodstalls, marshals, with farmworkers singing and entertaining riders at the waterpoints.

For more information visit www.piketbobergtrails.com

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