Orange Grove Farm is the idyllic place to discover the wonders of nature

Orange grove

An Awakening Beauty

Nestled at the foothills of Babbedasberg which forms part of the Langeberg Mountains lies the Orange Grove Farm with the 200-year-old Manor House at its centre, creating a peaceful haven surrounded by vineyards, trees, rolling lawns and rose gardens.

The beauty of the Langeberg mountains form a backdrop of stone cathedrals and rocky peaks, shaped by wind and rain over many centuries. This is a place where guests can discover the wonders of nature, the majestic rock formations, the crystal-clear waterfalls, and an abundance of fauna and flora, which provide a vast range of outdoor activities. The ambiance provides the guest the opportunity to do absolutely nothing, but inhale the beauty, and succumb to the peace, quietness and its tranquillity.


During the 1790’s the farm Orange Grove, was leased to a Messrs J.H Cloete and P.J du Plessis, and the Orange Grove Manor House, today the oldest house in the area, dates back to 1812. It was almost 50 years later that the nearby town of Robertson was founded.

Wheat flour to the nearby farmers and transport riders was produced at the Old Mill house powered by the passing mountain stream. With the collapse of the ostrich feather trade, vines were introduced to the area, and a storeroom with underground wine tanks was built on Orange Grove to supply wine to KWV.

Nomadic people shared this paradise as their legacy of empty caves and forgotten hand tools bear testimony to their hunting expeditions. It is the fresh mountain streams and abundant food which provided a haven for all.

The Farm

The farm is covered with aromatic fynbos, proteas and renosterveld, which in times gone by supported a perfect harmony of birds, fish, reptiles and mammals. This included black rhino, leopard and lion, which with quaggas roamed the open spaces along with numerous antelope, including tiny steenbok, springbok, grysbok, duiker and eland.

Today the farm stretches over an area of 830 hectares with a further 2400 hectares of pristine mountain catchment area with abundant streams, waterfalls, rock pools and magnificent flora.

The re-awakening of this beautiful farm is a continuous process. Orange Grove farm is rich in natural beauty. The property is largely covered in mountain fynbos and houses various Protea species. Along with the stunning veld the property also is home to the Breede or Burchells River Redfin, a fish endemic to this specific area.

Romantic Setting

When contemplating a romantic, elegant country setting and personalized service, Orange Grove Farm is the place to be.

The Self-catering cottages are located far enough from each other in order to provide maximum privacy for guests. Access to each cottage is via its own private road.

The luxurious cottages are named after the areas where the owner mined diamonds, and each has a unique story to tell.

They combine comfort and beauty, offering a setting in which to linger and relax. Each cottage is fully serviced daily by friendly staff, leaving the guest only to concentrate on unwinding and enjoying the magnificence of the surroundings.

A private veranda and swimming pool to each cottage provides a relaxing vantage-point to take in spectacular mountain views, the overwhelming sound of silence, and the truly prolific birdlife.

At night the crystal-clear sky, and no artificial lights, will spectacularly display the breath-taking canopy of the southern stars, simply leaving the guest breathless.

Nature Conservation

There has been an on-going effort to remove aliens such as the Pine species, Eucalyptus, and Golden Wattle, from the watercourses and other sensitive areas on the farm. The arable farming footprint is only about 50 hectares and they are committed to biodiversity conservation and aim to leave the largest portion of the property in its natural state.

Orange Grove Farm’s entire operation is based on sound environmental and conservation practices. This covers a wide spectrum, from the implementation of a conservation management plan, with ongoing monitoring of water quality and rainfall, to soil erosion and vegetation cover.

They also ensure the environmentally friendly solid waste disposal of the human footprint.


At Orange Grove, it is all about creating a company that can show meaningful and lasting benefits for the natural environment, and the communities that surround their operations. They believe all businesses can take less and give more, and seek to do this through their daily actions, big and small, and consciously seek ways to leave a positive legacy for the earth.

Orange Grove Farm is a remarkable meeting place for the floras of the Karoo, Renosterveld and high mountain vegetation, with the various fynbos strata as their common denominator.

Situated in the heart of Robertson’s valley of wine and roses, Orange Grove is less than two hours from Cape Town and is the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. Orange Grove looks forward in welcoming you as their guest to enjoy such luxury.

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