Olivia Swart at the helm of Mooiuitsig Wineries – Producing Wine of Excellence!

Mooiuitsig Wineries

Situated in Bonnievale, in the fertile Breede River Valley, Mooiuitsig Wineries are proud to be the largest wholesale alcoholic beverage company that is family-owned since its inception, with Olivia Swart  at the helm of the company activities since 2007. The production of wine is undertaken in cellars located on the farm.


In 1912, Nicolaas Lourens (Klaas) Jonker from the farm Goedemoed near Robertson, bought a tract of rugged, undeveloped land near Bonnievale to divide amongst his four sons. Adolph Johannes Jonker, the eldest of the four, commenced the development of what would become the present-day Mooiuitsig.

Owing to a lack of water, the cultivation of vines and other perennial crops was only made possible subsequent to the construction of the smaller Brandvlei dam in 1923. Being well-suited to the cultivation of grapes, vineyard expansion resulted in the subsequent demand for bigger and better cellars.

The lifelong dream of Adolph Snr was too market his own wine under his own label came to fruition in 1947 with the establishment of the wholesale spirits company, Mooiuitsig Wynkelders (Pty) Ltd, under his son, Nicolaas Lourens. This was also the year in which Nicolaas Lourens completed his degree in viticulture. The company distributes various products throughout South Africa. Several other tracts of land were acquired to add to the Mooiuitsig dynasty.The fifth generation – also Nicolaas Lourens Jonker – are now part of the Mooiuitsig Group and are building on the experience from his ancestors.

Olivia, presently a Director of the Mooiuitsig Group has been at the helm of the company activities since the passing on of her husband Adolph Jonker Jr. in 2007. To date Olivia has excelled in the various disciplines and her professionalism and loyalty has made her a great asset to the Group. She is since married to former Springbok rugby player, Balie Swart and they are also keen cyclists.

Olivia & Balie Swart


Mooiuitsig Wineries produce a wide range of quality wines and also distributes various spirits and beers. In addition, Mooiuitsig produces Hanepoot, Port, Nagmaalwyn, Marsala, Jeripigo and a variety of table wines.

Their biggest seller to date is the Rusthof bag in a box range which consists of a variety of wines that are available in 1L, 3L and 5L.


Mooiuitsig currently has seven depots that form the backbone of its national supply chain. Distribution across South Africa is undertaken via depots located at Bonnievale, Misgund in the Langkloof, Aliwal North, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban. To further bolster their distribution network, Mooiuitsig owns and operates several liquor stores in the Western and Eastern Cape. This is supported on a regional basis through various agents across the country.


For more information contact 023 616 2143 or visit www.mooiuitsig.co.za

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