Nissan Trailseeker MTB Series: Botha & Kotze conquers Van Gaalen

Over 2000 mountain bikers lined up for the first Nissan Trailseeker event at Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij in North West on 14 September 2019. The rugged terrain and winding single-track makes this a stellar venue for a Trailseeker event. The accumulated elevation gain for the marathon race was a staggering 1269m with tons of technical sections in-between.

Vanessa Bell and Francois Theron lead the marathon riders with the Specialized Levos, to keep spectators and fans up to date with all the action in the bunch.

Wessel Botha made a breakaway early on in the race to secure a 4-minute gap in front of the bunch. He kept the fast pace constant throughout the race to ultimately take the win.

In the ladies’ race, Brigitte had a constant lead with an advantage at the 15-kilometre climb leading Tanya. After nearly losing her back tyre on the rocky descent, Brigette was still in the lead at 36km in. Soon after, Brigette had a puncture and Tanya was not going to let go of her lead. Tanya might be tiny but she packs a punch, which lead her to gold.

“Today was definitely one of the hottest Nissan Trailseeker MTB Series events of the year and everyone enjoyed the racing conditions. Our water points are always stacked with delicious goods and treats, which makes it even better to be out on the trail the entire day. We look forward to see all the riders back at Cullinan for our Diamond Rush event, ” said Race director, Leon Odendaal.

Overall men’s podium at 2019 Nissan Trailseeker MTB Series #5 Van Gaalen

1. Wessel Botha

2. Allan Gordon

3. Timo Cooper

Nissan Trailseeker #5 | Van Gaalen – Leading Female

Overall women’s podium at 2019 Nissan Trailseeker MTB Series #5 Van Gaalen

1. Tanya Kotze

2. Michelle Zulch

3. Yvonne Prinsloo

The last round of the 2019 Nissan Trailseeker MTB Series takes place at Cullinan on 09 November 2019.

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