New Trail in the Saasveld Trail Network – George

The Hillbillies Mountain Bike Club in George recently built and unveiled a new single-track trail at the Garden Route Dam. The pine plantation nestled in between the Garden Route Dam to the West, and the Saasveld campus of Nelson Mandela University to the East, is a popular network of trails frequented by locals and visitors to the area, all year round. Apart from the usual favourites: The snake, Dam(n) Climb, and Graveyard, trail users can now also enjoy this newly built trail, dubbed Moose-a-nice.

The 1.5km long trail is situated in a previously untouched section of Pine plantation, surrounded by service roads.

The trail is closer to the dam wall than the other trails in the area, thus providing riders an extra bit of excitement before exiting the trail right by the dam wall entrance to the plantation, on their way home.

While many new and exciting trails were added to the network on the NMU campus itself, primarily for use by the Madibaz XCO series, the Dam area has been largely dormant with respect to trail building the last couple of years.

This year, however, the club has stepped up trail maintenance efforts, as well as introduced this new trail, with the focus on being ready and in top shape for the December holiday period when many holidaymakers will be visiting the Saasveld trail network.

Visitors to the area can get more information on the multitude trails in the areas by visiting the local bike shops in George for some expert advice.

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