National Team Announcement for 2019 UCI Para-cycling Road World Champs

Cycling South Africa announces that the following team has been selected to compete in the 2019 UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships to be held in Emmen, The Netherlands, from 12-15 September.

  • Pieter Du Preez (H1)

  • Gary Coetzee (C5)

  • Juan Odendaal (C3)

  • Phillo Verlaat (C2)

  • Goldy Fuchs (T2)

  • Toni Mould (T1)

  • Team Manager: O’Ryan Bruintjies

T1 tricyclist Toni Mould explained the challenges she faced during the UCI World Cup in Italy in May. The technical route provided its challenges, but the Belgium UCI World Cup was her favourite course. “I loved the routes in Belgium, although the Time Trial route was very windy on the day we raced.” Speaking about her preparation for the UCI World Championships, Toni said, “With the news of being in the team, I can now prepare my training for the next months. I never take my inclusion in the team as a given. After the UCI World Cups, I took a short break. The fact that I recorded a PB (personal best) on the flat roads of the road race in Belgium gives me motivation because I have heard that the route in the Netherlands for the Champs is quite flat. My main concern now is getting funding for another trip as I have used most of my sponsorship money to attend the UCI World Cups to qualify for these World Championships.”

H1 handcyclist Pieter “Supapiet” du Preez went into the UCI World Cup in Belgium after participating in two strenuous disciplines of the marathon in Italy and the IronMan 70.3 in Australia, which both left him suffering hyperthermia and the bronchitis respectively. With two weeks to go before the World Cup, Pieter didn’t feel in the best shape. “I came off antibiotics the day before the Time Trial and while my chest was clear, my body felt asleep and the moment I tried to push my body, it didn’t want to respond. So, I finished sixth in the TT. Two days later, my body was ready, and I had a very tactical road race, and I raced cleverly to take the win. It was one of my greatest road races in terms of tactical perfection. I was glad to come back in the road race and show the guys that I’m a force to be reckoned with. It was an interesting four weeks of racing on three continents and I’m pretty happy in the end,” he said.

Speaking about his preparations for the UCI World Championships, Pieter said, “I’m working on my general conditioning and getting stronger. Worlds is my focus and hopefully I’ll go in 100% healthy. Now I’m making sure that every component on the bike is as good as it can be and I’m doing some serious ground work and doing some good base training in the next month or two before I work on speed, power and quality before worlds. Hopefully I can come home with good results, with all roads in the end leading to Tokyo 2020.”