Let SSISA’s Tri-Fit Programme get you to the Finish Line


Why not join the ever-growing sporting trend of participating in triathlons? The feeling of fitness and accomplishment on the finish line is quite phenomenal.  The Sports Science Institute of SA (SSISA’s) caring and professional experts can get you there on one of our triathlon programmes.  

The 8 or 11-week TRI-Fit courses which are aimed at those who would like to either complete the Freshpak Triathlon (800m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) after 8 weeks, or the Slanghoek Triathlon (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run) after 11 weeks.  

  The TRI-Fit programmes kicks off in August 2017 and include comprehensive pre and post health and fitness assessments, a scientifically designed programme with group sessions both at SSISA and outdoors.  Included is a dietary Q & A, an informative weekly newsletter and amazing on-the-spot advice from highly experienced and qualified staff. Typically members attend 2-3 sessions a week and do a few sessions on their own.  Members also qualify for special rates at the SSISA Wellness and Fitness Centre.

Previous TRI-Fit member, Rodger Carter enthuses – “TRI- Fit has changed my entire lifestyle. I could hardly do one decent lap of swimming, run more than 3km and was average on a bike. Within 3 months, I competed in a triathlon in scorching hot conditions with a 1,4km swim, 45km bike and a 10km run. I have also lost 5kg in body weight.

I would never ever have dreamed of finishing a triathlon on my own, but because of a very professional team of experts and their training skills/methods, I could achieve things I never thought possible.”

For more information visit www.ssisa.com/project/tri-fit-ssisa/