!Khwa ttu Heritage Centre Launch Excellent mountain-bike, running and hiking trails

!Khwa ttu Heritage Centre

Just an hour from Cape Town, !Khwa ttu hosts the Darling ttu 2018 24-hour MTB Enduro Spring Flower Ride on 6 – 7 October 2018. You don’t have to wait for a race with a long name to experience one of the most astonishing places in the world. Any trip up the West Coast, whether to pedal, see the flowers, visit the fishing villages or all of the above, should include a stop over at !Khwa ttu.

With a spectacular location, well-designed running, walking and cycling trails, which range from kids’ adventure trails, jeep tracks, single tracks, farm roads, relaxed riding, technical sections, fast moving terrain, and beautiful scenery – the !Khwa ttu mountain bike routes have it all. On the 10km, circular route riders may have wonderful encounters with game such as eland and zebra.

The highlight is a 20 metre drop down a granite rock face to a water hole. Fitter cyclists can continue the circular red route for 20km of more challenging climbs past granite rocky outcrops, along wheat fields and up into the beautiful Ormonde vineyards above Darling. Those who make the 800m climb are rewarded with increasingly inspiring vistas of Table Mountain, Langebaan Lagoon and the rolling Darling hills.

The guesthouses offer comfortable accommodation in simply sophisticated cottages and a rustic-luxury tented camp, and an acclaimed restaurant. The restaurant serve a wide variety of delicious dishes; the shop is stocked with exquisite fabrics, jewellery and paintings,- all set in impeccably designed or renovated farm buildings, the latest of which is a new Heritage Centre, a truly remarkable building that brings the wisdom of this ancient people together with modern technology due to be launched on Heritage Day in September.

All the above is teamed with the warm welcome and friendly service of the San who live, work and train there.

As Training and Museum Facilitator Joram Useb explains: “!Khwa ttu is the home of all San people. Secondly, !Khwa ttu is a place where San people can feel proud. Thirdly, !Khwa ttu is a place where San people can share their culture with the outside world, on their own terms.”
The !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre is a centre of San culture and heritage that provides tailor-made training for young San women and men of Southern Africa. Its vision is to become a leading, sustainable centre celebrating San culture – past, present and future.”

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