KAROOBAIX – New 2-day stage race through the Karoo


KAROOBAIX is a new two-day 404km stage race for modern gravel/cyclocross style bicycles through the Karoo from 9 – 10 October 2017. The route is almost exclusively gravel, and range from super smooth hard-packed dirt to soft sand, sharp rocks and corrugations. The race will be semi-supported, and there will be two rest stops with good food, coffee and fresh water along each of the two stages.

The name KAROOBAIX pays homage the Paris-Roubaix race, the murderous European Classic that earned itself the nickname Hell of the North, and the unique, spectacular and sometimes inhospitable semi-desert region of the Karoo.

You can ride any bike you’d like, but no suspension of any form is allowed, you have to ride minimum 35c / 1.4” volume tyres, and drop handlebars are mandatory.

KAROOBAIX is a race against the clock – the shortest time over the two stages determines victory. Whoever crosses the line first in 2017 will receive a custom-built gravel race frame by award-winning builder Matthew Sowter of Saffron Frameworks in London.

For more information visit www.karoobaix.co.za

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