Do you invest as much in your business as you do in your cycling


Business and cycling are not at all that different. In fact they’re pretty similar. In business you have 3 main challenges: Time, Team and Money, and in cycling – pretty much the same. In most cases, though it’s the lack of each more so than the abundance of each.

However, whether you’re a beginner or pro cyclist, I know you’re investing in all 3 areas in your cycling. You’ve got a nice shiny technologically advanced pedalling machine; you’re constantly shaping your fitness levels, speed and stamina by committing time to training and a group of like minded people to cycle with. You’ve committed both time and money to your sport and know the value of training with people of similar experience.

How then does your continued investment in your business compare? I’m not talking about the initial investment and the fact that you’re physically spending hours at the business most days. I’m talking about the ongoing real investment. Are you committing time and money to working on your business? Are you investing time and money in yourself to become a better manager, leader and entrepreneur? Do you regularly seek out like minded people to engage and interact with? I didn’t think so.

As with cycling though it’s pretty easy to rectify. Create a new high performance business fitness plan for your business with these easy steps: Set a specific business goal; Derive a detailed training / implementation plan, Allocate regular and uninterrupted time for training and practise; Focus on beating your personal bests and celebrating the small incremental changes; Commit the goal to daily action and stick with it until achieved; Seek out like minded individuals to engage with regularly; and Get a coach to push you and ensure you succeed.

Pretty simple process when setting the goal for an upcoming race. You already have the skills for cycling. Now just apply the same to your business. Always remember that your business is your chosen vehicle to serve you, your goals and dreams as well as those of your family. It is however also the same vehicle that must produce time and money to allow you to reach those – get it fitter and healthier today.

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