Health= Wealth – What Healthcare choices are you making for 2017?


The Whasp Sport Nutrition philosophy is to build a trusted health and sport nutrition brand, providing quality formulated products and expanding awareness of health in general to all walks of life, inspiring more to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We have taken a stance against common sugars and have excluded it from all our formulations and make use of patented ingredients to ensure products of the highest quality.

Whasp Sport Nutrition AminoCarb XP

AminoCarb XP is scientifically formulated that allows rapid delivery fluid to the tissue, provides an adequate carbohydrate source for use during endurance exercise.
– No added common sugars been use in formulation.
– High energy and prevent the blood sugar to jump.
– Provides an optimum level of electrolytes and is palatable and refreshing during exercise.
– Each Serving of 35g
– 30g High source of Carbohydrates
– 1000mg of Peptan® Protein per Serving
– 1000mg L-Glutamine per Serving
– Hydration Stack that replaces valuable sweat lost during exercise.

Whasp Sport Nutrition Recoup + ProAmino Recovery

Recovery is actually more important that the exercise itself.  To maximize your Recovery your body’s Metabolic state needs to be Shifted from Catabolic to Anabolic. Pro Amino supplies the right combination of nutrients at the right time to promote maximum energy, recovery and growth.

There is a 45min window period that is essential. If you do not consume valuable nutrients easily digested during that period, damage could occur, which delays the recovery process.

ProAmino Recovery – The ratio of Protein to Carbohydrates is 1:1 due to the interactive effect carbohydrates have with amino acids in building muscle mass. The combination of BCAA’s, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat and other specialised nutrients like Co-Enzyme Q10 makes this supplement an ideal recovery drink. Co-Enzyme Q10 helps convert food into energy, improve Endurance and is a very strong antioxidant being active in the energy production of cells. The “Timing Regime” applying scientific facts to nutrition and practical application is essential.

“Your Next Best Performance as Good as your Previous Recovery”

Recoup – Specially formulated to enhance the recovery process.
L-GLUTAMINE: 5200mg – Repair Muscle, Prevent Muscle break down and help muscle building.
TAURINE: 1500mg – A building block of all the other Amino Acids. Oral administration of Taurine increases the ability of physical endurance.
GABA: 2000mg – Accelerator Powerful Amino Acid is actually classified as a Neuro-transmitter to increase fat loss and promote muscle growth which leads to an increase in energy.
BIOPERINE: 5mg – Absorber Enhances bio-availability and increases absorption.

 “Our Products are Justified by Results”

Pierre du Plooy – Brand Owner of Whasp Sport Nutrition

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Consider your 2017 Medical Aid Plan

The holiday season is approaching and also the time where you need to choose next year’s medical aid plan. Some of us will be downgrading, while for others, an upgrade is on the cards.

The media has been vocal about substantial medical aid increases, and this has no doubt got many of you rather worried. However, we need to put this into perspective as substantial increases are applicable only to certain plans within the various medical aid schemes, while on others the increase is much smaller.

At Rockfin Wealth Management we are ready and able to give you wholesome, unbiased advice on medical aid plans and what you should take into consideration for yourself and your loved ones.

Some of the questions you should be asking yourself:

– Do you or any of your dependants use chronic medication?
– Do you want cover for day-to-day expenses? (eg. GPs, Dentists, X-rays)
– Are you prepared to pay less but use a network of hospitals and doctors?
– Would you like in-hospital cover of 100% / 200% / 300%?
– Did you spend too much on a medical aid which was never fully used?
– Did you spend too little on a medical aid resulting in having to make co-payments for procedures or running out of savings early in the year?

Benefits to consider:

– Trauma Recovery Benefits
– Plans that offer unlimited GP Visits with a small co-payment (ask us about this)
– Screening and Prevention Benefits
– Diabetes Management Programs
– Oncology Programs

The importance of Gap Cover has never been more prevalent. Medical Schemes are certain to restrict payments even more in future, leaving you as the member with large shortfalls. Gapwise is there for all your potential shortfalls – see more at
We would be happy to discuss your health care needs with you on a personal level, to see what can be done to maximise the cost effectiveness and relevancy of your family’s health cover portfolio.

Please feel free to call us on 087 135 4107 (during business hours, Monday to Friday 8 to 5)

Mike Eslick – Brand owner of Rockfin Wealth Management

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