Grab Your Gamepads For The Fantasy Tour De France!

Who has never wanted to sit behind the wheel of a team car, hand out water bottles to the riders and send out instructions over the radio right before the final climb of a gruelling mountain stage?

Participants in the 2019 Fantasy Tour de France will live an even more thrilling experience while they watch the race on the edge of their seats. Some decisions have a great deal of influence on the result before the Tour even gets going, such as putting together a well-rounded team capable of fighting on all fronts or one built to excel in a certain scenario. Every team will start on equal terms and with the exact same budget, so strategic choices will make all the difference.

Players will get to unleash their creativity naming their Fantasy teams at the same time as they fill out their rosters. Starting with the Grand Départ in Brussels, players will earn points according to the places of their riders in each stage, following a scale that serious players will know by heart. On that day and every morning until 28 July, just like teams do their briefings in their buses, every player will have to come up with a race plan, including picking a road captain who they believe will do well in the upcoming stage. Double points are awarded to captains, so it is not a trivial choice. Likewise, each team can draft up to eight substitutes to avoid losing due to withdrawals or a leader who is out of shape.

The lively debates among supporters will now extend, perhaps with the same passion and vehemence, to this parallel competition. After 60,000 players signed up for the first edition of the Fantasy Tour last year, the community is poised to continue growing at breakneck speed, promising exciting duels in the classification, but even more so in all the leagues that will be set up. Friends, colleagues or training buddies —everyone will be aiming to beat their peers. This time round, there will be thousands of winners after the stage on the Champs-Élysées.


Fans who want to channel their inner directeur sportif can keep playing these must-have games the whole season:

Tour de France 2019 (PS4 / XBOX ONE). Players are transported to the roads of the Tour de France, launching attacks and choosing their own trajectories in the descents. Depending on the mode, players can control a single rider or an entire team.

Pro Cycling Manager 2019 (PC). Players can tackle the entire season, including over 200 races and 500 stages all over the world. Apart from controlling their teams during races, managers also negotiate sponsor contracts and transfers, design training programmes and much more.

Tour de France 2019 The Game (iOS / Android). Live the emotion of the Tour in this unique management and simulation game. Gather the best team, train your riders, improve your equipment and recruit talented staff to get the yellow jersey!

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