Glacier Storms River Traverse set to celebrate female cyclists

Glacier Storms River Traverse
Photo credit: Oakpics

While most mountain bike stage races attract a far larger contingent of men than they do women, this is certainly not true for the Glacier Storms River Traverse.

With close to 100 female entries, the iconic event holds the highest ratio of female to male riders on the Dryland calendar. Registration kicks off on National Women’s Day, 9 August, before three epic stages of uncharted forests and rugged South African coastlines.

True to form, Glacier will once again put on an event that exposes riders to the more family- centric side of cycling.

“It gives families a chance to enjoy the long weekend together, and also gives us a chance to connect with some of our supporters. We pride ourselves on providing world-class service and experiences,” said Zaida Essop: Head of Marketing at Glacier.

A large majority of female entrants use the event as an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones, while others enjoy the thrill of racing through South Africa’s renowned trails.

Sarah Hill, who formed part of the 2017 mixed category winning team, enthused about the event: “It’s a great mental break to come here and have a whole lot of fun. You can be competitive, but also look up and appreciate where you are.”

For riders new to this sport, the relaxed atmosphere at the Tsitsikamma Village Inn and the non-technical route on offer makes the Glacier Storms River Traverse the ideal introduction to stage racing.

Adding to the appeal of this year’s event is a special treat for female participants…

Dryland Event Management is excited to announce the addition of a new partner – Carrol Boyes, manufacturer of a coveted and high-end range of home and lifestyle items.

Intent on their purpose to uplift women in sport, the partnership comes as the perfect fit for the event. Michelé Stuurman, Carrol Boyes Marketing Manager, commented:

“Sport has the potential to transform the lives of women and girls for the better, yet the opportunities are not always there for them. We need the help of companies like Dryland, and the Glacier events especially, to create a future where everyone can benefit from sport – regardless of gender.’’

With less than a week to the start of South Africa’s favourite family-friendly cycle event, Zaida gives one last parting shot: “We aim to raise the bar on our event each year, to give the riders an even better experience. This year all female participants will receive a small gift, and Carrol Boyes will treat all riders with chocolates from their new range.”

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