Faster recovery when wearing compression!

Should I pack my compression? Yes, definitely! Playing competitive netball and working long hours at stage races is all I needed to know that Skins compression is an invaluable item on the packing list. What I find concerning is how many athletes of all disciplines that I massage are uninformed about compression. You will recover faster if you wear compression.

Compression garments are right up there with your recovery drink. The two go hand in hand. By wearing compression for as little as 15min you will improve your circulation and oxygenation of your blood by 15% and toxin elimination by 10%. The thing is you won’t only be wearing it for 15min, I often sleep in mine after hard sessions or long days of standing.
Training or racing hard causes Muscle Trauma, doesn’t matter how strong you are. While exercising, your muscles oscillate, which cause tiny tears or micro trauma. These tears swell and cause tenderness or pain depending on the severity of the tears.

The most important thing you need to remember about your body, no matter what level you choose to compete on – no one wants to be injured.  The pain, discomfort and frustration is not worth it. Trying to eliminate injury should be as important as never riding alone.

Lower body compression supports and stabilizes the glutes, quads, hammies and calf muscles and speeds up recovery leaving you less likely to injure through muscle strains and tears. The gap jump… that might still injure you…

When to wear compression? While travelling to a race or event I would strongly recommend wearing compression and if you’re flying use the B4 Play Facia release ball to prevent swelling and improve circulation and flexibility.

Use compression after the race for about two hours to kick start your recovery, but you can also wear it overnight if you need.

As a Skins Ambassador, I value the time that Skins spends on the research and development of their product. Skins, is for example, the only product who takes multiple readings of the human body in motion.

Muscles in motion change shape because of the increased levels of oxygen fuelled blood. Wicking is also inherent in all Skins garments. Temperature regulation in athletes is of utmost importance so the skin must be kept dry and comfortable to regulate body temperature naturally.

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Article by Natasha Theron

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