Enduro Western Cape Round 1 to start at Hoogekraal

Enduro Western Cape
Photo Credit: Ewald Sadie

Enduro Western Cape (EWC) launches its 3 race series with Round one taking place on the prestigious and unraced Hoogekraal trails on 22 April 2018. The series is made possible thanks to Giant Bicycles and Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club.

Enduro racing in its most basic definition is a type of mountain bike racing where the downhills are timed, and the uphills are not. Riders are timed in primarily downhill sections (Special Stages or SS), with neutral “transfer” stages in between (liasons). Winners are those who accumulate the lowest combined time from the timed Special Stages.

EWC welcome all riders and our courses are totally rideable as long as you are enthusiastic about being challenged on fun singletrack. It’s like a weekend ride with your friends – regroup at the top and race each other down the trail!

While the racing is fiercely competitive, the vibes are super chilled and Enduros are a great way to gain technical skills and fitness. Enduros can be raced on all types of mountain bike but full suspension trail bikes with travel between 120-160mm with dropper posts are recommended. Protective clothing such as long sleeves, knee cover and full finger gloves are advised. Open face helmets are fine while some riders choose to wear full face helmets.

Entries close on 19 April 2018.

Upcoming Events:

Round 2 of the Enduro Western Cape will take place on 29 July 2018 at Contermanskloof, with the final in the series scheduled for 16 September at Jonkershoek.

More information visit www.wpcycling.com/mtb/enduro/