Cycling the EuroVelo8 in The Med


Due to its ideal weather for cycling, especially in the months between October and April, Cyprus has taken off as a destination for cycling enthusiasts both as a place to enjoy the sport and as a means to explore the island. The third largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus combines attractive beaches with pine-clad peaks, busy modern towns and tranquil old stone villages, vineyards and olive groves and ancient monuments.

Cyprus is part of the co-funded project “EUROVELO8” which develops and promotes national, regional and trans-national cycling tourism packages along the “European Mediterranean Route EuroVelo 8” – and is one of the 14 routes that connects 11 countries.

EuroVelo 8

Sparkling emerald seas, kilometres of golden sand, mysterious islands, wonderful food, ancient cities…it’s not hard to find convincing reasons to travel along the Mediterranean! And what better way to do it then by bike along the roughly 5,900 km long Mediterranean Route?

EuroVelo 8 connects many destinations that are popular tourist attractions in their own right: Barcelona, Monaco, Venice, the Croatian Coast, Cyprus – the list goes on.
It is little surprise therefore that the Mediterranean Route receives more interest than any other EuroVelo route.cyclingvelo2

And whilst many of it’s destinations are already internationally famous, there are still lots of undiscovered gems to be found along the way –  so what are you waiting for!
Tour statistics : 5,888km long, 11 countries, 23 World Heritage Sites, 712 species of fish, Delicious cuisine,  and Sublime scenery.

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Not only does Cyprus offer a plethora of outdoor activities, but currently has THE BEST permanent residency programme on offer where THREE generations of the same family all secure permanent residency FOR LIFE through the purchase of a single property!  No other country in Europe offers this!

And their 2nd citizenship through investment programme is acknowledged as the best on offer because it is the quickest programme in Europe (passports are issued in 3 months); and dependent children up to the age of 28 also qualify!

In Cyprus, not only is there no inheritance tax applicable, but the cost of living and the property ownership costs are a fraction of what we pay in South Africa.  Being voted THE SAFEST country in the world with a population of under 5Million – investing in Cyprus is a good option.
Cyprus is a very popular choice not only because of the affordable investment entry-level to secure residency, but also because of the following 7 benefits:

1. Cyprus is economically stable and politically secure – the country is not flooded with refugees.

2. Three generations in the same family (including parents and in-laws) secure     permanent residency status FOR LIFE in 4 – 6 weeks through the purchase of a single property.

3. The whole family can get EU passports in 3 months via Cyprus’ “Citizenship through Investment” programme – and dependent children up to 28 years of age also qualify!  This is the quickest way to get unlimited access to Europe for life!

4. Properties in Cyprus offer excellent value for money when compared to other European countries – especially homes right on or near to The Med.  The lush & beautiful Western side of the country is similar to the Western Cape and enjoys the biggest demand and highest growth.

5. The lifestyle is similar to South Africa : the golf courses are world-class, the countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and Cyprus has 57 blue-flag status beaches, the cleanest seas in the Med and a mountain-range where it snows for 3 months.

6. No inheritance tax: on your death you can dispose of your assets to your loved ones without having to pay any tax.  This is advantageous for legacy planning.

7. There are no social problems in Cyprus: no car guards, shanty towns or people living below the poverty line; and because of this Cyprus has huge appeal as a destination for relocation, retirement, holiday-making and investment.

Some other attractions that Cyprus offers are:

a. being an ex-British colony, there is no language barrier – everyone speaks English;
b. you can rent out your property to earn a Euro-based income;
c. low cost of living;
d. Euro-accredited education gives your children a distinct advantage when they enter the global job market;
e. Europe on your doorstep: Cyprus has 2 International Airports and several marinas;
f. 1st world medical facilities & affordable healthcare with highly qualified doctors & specialists.
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