Cyclesure Keeps You In The Saddle


Cycling is a sport that takes commitment, preparation and substantial financial investment. And a lot can go wrong – which is why proper insurance cover is, simply, crucial.
Cyclesure, underwritten by Hollard Insurance, is South Africa’s leading provider of comprehensive, affordable insurance for cyclists. For the past 18 years it has provided unique benefits, including cover for equipment loss, accidents and trip cancellations.

“Cycling equipment – especially if you are a competitive rider – can be prohibitively expensive, and losses through theft or accidents can be financially disastrous,” says Fred Hennings, managing director of Cyclesure.

“Couple this with the fact that cycling is a risky sport and serious accidents do happen, as well as that riders often travel far – and pay handsomely – to participate in competitive events, and it’s clear that arranging proper insurance cover is the prudent thing to do.”
Cyclesure’s insurance offering rests on three legs: bicycle cover, personal accident cover and trip cancellation cover.

Bicycle cover includes the following: All risks for bicycle and accessories, based on replacement value; theft, hijacking, damage incurred in transit or while training;  damage incurred during events, time trials or track events; legal liability; personal accident cover – death or permanent disability of R20 000 in respect of official racing events; medical benefits up to R2 000 for any accident in an official racing event; and trauma counselling benefit of R2 000 as a result of a violent theft, hold-up, hijacking or armed robbery, including while training.

Unique to Cyclesure is the inclusion of Personal accident cover, for cyclists, which encompasses standard personal accident benefits such as: death, permanent total disability, temporary total disability, medical expenses, trip cancellation cover insures financial loss due to unforeseen illness, injury or death involving the insured cyclist, a travel companion or close relative; being made redundant; accidental damage, burglary, flooding or fire at the cyclist’s home while they are away, or within two days before their departure; the cyclist being subjected to compulsory quarantine; and a city on the cyclist’s itinerary suffering a terrorist attack.

This new cover is a first for the industry for when you cannot start or finish your cycling trip, and even when you’re not on your bike but the trip is booked.

So if you are unable to travel to and take part in a pre-booked cycling event due to unforeseen circumstances, Cyclesure will cover you for your financial loss up to R10 000. And should you need additional cover for your next multi-stage tour, Cyclesure can offer top-up cover for an additional premium.

Financial loss includes all non-refundable deposits for pre-paid accommodation, deposits, travel expenses and race entry fees.

“We love cycling, too (many of our team are keen road cyclists and mountain-bikers), and we appreciate how much time, investment and effort it takes to get to an event finish line. So many things have to go right, yet so much can go wrong.”

“So we’ve covered all the bases for cyclists, from their equipment being damaged or stolen to their being injured or unable to participate in an event for various reasons, and they’re covered both while they’re training and competing,” says  Hennings.

“Our market-leading insurance options minimise disruptions to our clients’ schedules and avoid hammer blows to their bank balances, keeping them where they should – and want to – be: in their saddles.”

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