Cycle 4 Change initiative to change lives through reading

Cycle 4 Change
Photo credit: TPDZ Media & Events

A few social activists have successfully cycled from Pretoria to Cape Town to promote reading in underprivileged communities. They cycled from the Union Buildings in Pretoria and arrived at the Parliament Buildings in Cape Town in early October – the aim to collect books for communities in need of libraries.

Lindsay van der Byl created the Cycle 4 Change initiative in 2013 to promote and encourage a culture of reading in South Africa’s youth, and in adopting a healthy drug free lifestyle through cycling. Lindsay was driven by purpose to do the impossible in an aim to encourage young people to dream and believe. Fear and doubt played a major role in the delay of the implementation of this concept.

#Cycle4Change is primarily, a reading awareness campaign to promote the love of reading and books among the South African population, as well as on the African continent.

In 2016 Lindsay set off on his first solo trip between Pretoria and Cape Town. He cycled an estimated of 1 550km from Union Buildings (Administration Capital) in Pretoria to Parliament (Legislative Capital) in Cape Town – both institutions being national key points in the Republic of South Africa. This year van der Byl was joined by other cyclists and conquered the challenge in nine days.

“We believe these books will empower and drive change in the impoverished beneficiary locations identified.

#Cycle4Change as an annual cycle aims to assist with the creation of a library or reading facility in every province of South Africa,” says Lindsay van der Byl, Founder of Cycle 4 Change.

“Cycling between these two national landmarks for me is important because they connect us, which is what books can do too,” concludes Lindsay van der Byl.

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