Cutting Edge Face Masks from Cycling Company Work for Everyone, Kids Included

A premium Cape Town cycling apparel company has pivoted its design expertise into making durable, effective and easy-to-wear cloth face masks for adults and children aged 3 to 10. Produced by Ciovita, the fully washable and reusable masks feature a removable filter and non-elastic straps to make them more robust, as well as a mouldable nose bridge and a curved construction to prevent touching the mouth and nose.

Some of the advanced fabrics used to create the masks are the same as those found in Ciovita cycling kit, including a hydrophobic fabric to prevent moisture build-up. Designed to withstand regular warm washing, the masks have disposable filters that Ciovita recommends replacing after 10 to 20 washes.

Suitable not only for cyclists and joggers but also for everyday use by anyone, the masks come in packs of three printed masks (with six filters included) or four plain masks (filters not included). They sell for R300 a pack from Ciovita’s online store at

Ciovita is donating a mask to local cycling charity, Velokhaya for every pack of masks sold. Velokhaya uses its existing networks to provide food, masks and cleaning products to 850 vulnerable families across the Cape Peninsula.

“Our motivation for producing masks was twofold. Firstly, we wanted to find a way to continue to support our staff over the extended lockdown period,” says Ciovita CEO, Andrew Gold, “but we also knew that with our skilled team and our locally based production facilities we could create masks that were a cut above anything else out there. Cycling kit is about comfort and performance and both these aspects are relevant when you are designing a face mask.”

Ciovita also prints bulk custom orders for corporate clients, brands, small businesses and more.