Celebrate Bike to Work and School week in Stellenbosch from 15-19 October 2018

Stellenbosch cycling

Cycling remains one of the most popular alternative modes of transport and during Transport Month Stellenbosch Cycling are encouraging all commuters, school children, students and employers, to leave their cars at home for one week and cycle to work. This year the town will celebrate its fourth annual.

Transport Month forms part of a campaign by the National Department of Transport and Public Works to raise awareness about the importance of transport in our economy and to encourage awareness about safe, affordable, accessible and reliable transport system for everyone.

“The roads and transport system is always an important topic due to the heavy congestion and limited parking available across our municipal area on a daily basis. Various factors contribute to the transportation challenges we face including the university and the large numbers of tourists we welcome daily.”

The purpose of Transport Month is to showcase some alternative solutions to residents on problems such as traffic and parking congestion.  Alternative modes of transport are at the very top of the list, especially for local residents.

With all residential areas in the Stellenbosch within a 5km radius from the centre of town, it is geographically ideal for cycling. Some residents living within the immediate vicinity of the CBD are requested to walk should they not feel comfortable cycling.

Why cycle to work?

  • It is healthy and you are more productive at work
  • Escape traffic congestion, save petrol money and no longer search for parking
  • Challenge your friend, colleague or neighbour to leave their cars at work and cycle with you to work.
  • Help us to make Stellenbosch a more cycle-friendly town.

For more information visit www.stellenboschfietsry.co.za