Cawood takes on his third Buco Origin Of Trails!

Thomas Cawood (38), Plant and Production Operational Manager at Bolton Footwear, will participate in this year’s edition of the BUCO Origin of Trails, which takes place on 24 and 25 November at Coetzenburg, Stellenbosch.

Born in Johannesburg and raised in Boksburg, Cawood now resides in Durbanville. During his childhood years he was quite the athlete, a passionate amateur wrestler and rugby player, but has since become an avid mountain biker. Says Cawood: “Nowadays I enjoy spending time on my bike and running after my children, which can be quite a bit of exercise. I recently completed the Wines2Whales, Cederberg100Miler and Sani2C and thoroughly enjoyed these experiences.”

It will be Cawood’s third Origin of Trails. “It is a nice all-round two-day event. Besides the awesome route through the Stellenbosch mountain ranges, it’s a stage race that suits me logistically and allows me to sleep in the comfort of my own home. The timing of the event is also perfect as it motivates me to stay fit this late in the year!”

He explains that the route is an attainable 50 kilometers in distance. “I’m excited for this year’s race. However, the climbing is estimated at about 1 600m, which is a lot for the distance that we’ll be riding. It will certainly be challenging, but I look forward to the single track and atmosphere, which make it worthwhile.”

His training programme consists of a five-day training period. “Four days are spent on my stationary bike and the fifth day is a three-hour ride in the mountains, as my work schedule is quite demanding,” he says.

Although Cawood is putting quite a lot time into training, he strongly believes that your gear plays a vital role. He continues: “I wear my Olympic International Traction shoes. Firstly, the traction is a great investment as my current pair was purchased three years ago and they’re still going strong. I’m looking at replacing my pair simply for the new potential styling that I fancy. The shoes are extremely comfortable and perform better than expected. I also do extreme events, my favourite being the Cederberg100Miler and the Attakwas.  At the end of such a long event your entire body hurts and you’re tired, yet I’ve never had any issues with my feet due to the relaxed fit of the shoes. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone.”

He concludes: “Very few people know that Olympic International Footwear is a South African brand that has been around for 100 years and is on par with other well recognised brands. Everyone is invited to also support our ‘Pay it forward’ campaign. Donate any old sports equipment, clothing and footwear at the Olympic International bins provided at the race. Everything collected will be distributed to needy beneficiaries.”

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