Bucket list the Maserati BIG5 CHALLENGE during Knysna Oyster Festival

Each year a select group of multisport enthusiasts take on the elements and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Knysna and surrounds by taking on the Ultimate Multisport Challenge during the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival.

The Maserati BIG5 Challenge has gained massive popularity over the last few years and has become a bucket list ‘must do’ on the local and international endurance and adventure race calendar.

From mountainbiking and running in and around Knysna’s famed forests and hills, to swimming in the lagoon in full view of the iconic Knysna Heads, the Maserati BIG5 Challenge offers something for athletes across all fitness and skills levels.

Did you know? The Maserati Big5 Challenge tests the very limits of skill and endurance. Similarly, Maserati’s new stylish SUV, the Levante, is geared to master any situation effortlessly, and deliver outstanding performance even in the most formidable terrain.

10 Days | 5 Events | 1 Race – What you didn’t know!

Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour presented by Rotary

8 July 2017

The ride takes participants through scenic farmland areas and exposes riders to the beauty of the natural fauna and flora of the Garden Route, while putting their skills to the ultimate single track test!

Did you know? The Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour routes include sections of privately owned property usually closed to the public.

The Lagoon Mile Swim

9 July 2017

The famed Lagoon Mile Swim takes swimmers out from Cruise Café, through the Waterfront, under the bridge and back, while staying close to shore – giving friends and family a close-up of the action.

Did you know? The Knysna Lagoon holds first place for overall conservation in South Africa based on size, diversity, habitat, zonal rarity, and biodiversity.

The Bayport Phoenix Run 2017

11 July 2017

With 100% of the well-known Featherbed Trail Run routes affected by the fires, safety and environmental concerns forced the event hosts and organisers to find an alternative course and format. With the event being in its tenth year they always planned to do something special and the new concept honours the town’s amazing fighting spirit. The route will change, the timing will change, the logistics will change; but that unique Knysna-feeling the trail run is famous for will be stronger than ever.

Did you know? Bayport have stepped up as title sponsor for 2017 to ensure that the Featherbed Trail Run event rises from the ashes to be extra special for the 10th edition of the race. For more information and entries go to www.trailtown.net

The Momentum MTB X

13 July 2017

This is a new addition to the Maserati BIG5 Challenge line up and promises to offer the most interesting post-race tales!  MTB X is a combination of obstacle course racing and mountain biking, which culminates in one exciting event.

An 8km course with several obstacles forms the core of the event, with participants having to cycle and navigate (carry, drag, lift) their bikes to complete laps. Participants can either ride over obstacles if they are skilled enough, or shoulder their bike and clamber over them.

Did you know?  MTB X is based on a variation of the traditional Cyclocross from Europe.

Momentum Knysna Forest Marathon

15 July 2017

As one of South Africa’s most sought-after running events, the Momentum Knysna Forest Marathon offers some of the country’s most spectacular natural scenery in and around Knysna Forest. The Knysna Forest Marathon offers several highlights unique to its location. Much of the race takes place in the forest, with breath-taking views of the lagoon and the famous Knysna Heads for inspiration towards the finish.

Did you know? In 2016 2 000 blankets and 5 tons of clothing was donated to local Knysna communities by Momentum and the Forest Marathon participants.

With the number of participants to the Maserati BIG5 Challenge limited it promises a spectacular experience for those braving the winter cold.

To support the community that’s played host to this event for the last eight years the Maserati BIG5 Challenge will be raising funds for #KnysnaRises through the big5fundracing.co.za platform. To help them help rebuild Knysna after devastating fires earlier this month pick a participant and pledge your support!