Buchu Boosts the Biking Lifestyle Beyond Belief


Summer’s here and of course, we can’t wait for those long, care-free, sunny days to indulge in our passion of road cycling and mountain biking. An active and biking lifestyle offers a multitude of benefits however, this does at times predispose us to strains and injuries.

Be prepared by arming yourself with the knowledge and ideal products to get you back on track in the event of a setback. Using Buchu will boost your biking lifestyle beyond belief. Never under estimate the sun – Buchu Gel is an incredible after sun product that provides immediate relief with fast results if you have over exposed yourself to the sun and are suffering from sunburn after a ride. Dehydration, one of the most common results of sun exposure  is easily prevented by drinking plenty of fluids often throughout your biking session. Try Buchulife Herbal Water for the added health benefit of Buchu. In addition to hydrating your body, it contains a host of bioflavonoids and antioxidants which boosts wellbeing and endurance.

Properly support joints and muscles – When participating in your favourite sport of biking, make sure that you don’t overdo it and allow for muscle recovery. Muscle strain from exercise and over exertion can be painful. Buchu Gel and Buchu Capsules used as a combined defence are incredibly effective in the quest to speed up muscle recovery and sooth muscle and joint pain. The natural anti-inflammatory action of Buchu prevents the onset of inflammation and speeds up the recovery time in case of an injury.

Forget ticks & Inset Bites – Yes, summer is amazing, but it brings along the presence of mosquitos and other biting insects. Irritating stings and bites need to be treated effectively as scratching can lead to infections. It’s a good idea to invest in safe, natural insect repellents. In fact, Buchu is an incredible repellent against ticks. Ticks are a huge concern for mountain bikers as they often attach themselves to riders as they brush past vegetation along the paths of mountain biking trails. By applying Buchu Gel before a ride you are less likely to attract these unwanted guests. If any insects do bite or sting you, Buchu Gel is also an excellent treatment as its antibacterial action prevents infection while its natural antihistamine action relieves itching instantly.

Treat grazes, scratches and other wounds – Don’t get so caught up in the fun that you don’t pay attention to the inevitable injuries that come with cycling. Falls can break both your momentum and the skin. However slight the graze or wound, it needs to be properly looked after.  The first highly important step is to stop the blood, if there is any, and after that to thoroughly clean the wound or skin graze.   The antibacterial properties of Buchu Gel help to protect the wound and support healing.

Here’s the perfect biking lifestyle solution: Be prepared to cope with injuries and ailments by ensuring you have a multi-purpose topical treatment such as BuchuLife First Aid Gel handy.

Infused with the anti-septic, anti-fungal, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties of the indigenous Buchu plant, BuchuLife First Aid Gel can be used to effectively treat burns, insect bites, skin rashes, and open wounds, soothe sunburn instantly, reduce muscle and joint inflammation, as well as bring instant relief to itching, thanks to its natural antihistamine properties. It has no harmful side-effects and is safe for use on babies and children.

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