Branding: Team Dormakaba at the Cape Epic

Photo credit: Ewald Sadie

During the Absa Cape Epic, one of the world’s most respected sporting events spectators have seen many familiar brands on board to support and sponsor various cycling teams on their eight-day epic adventure. It is not just brands directly linked to sport that is benefiting through sports branding – one such brands is DormaKarba.

Dormakaba is a German & Swiss manufacturer and installer of premium around the door access solutions. So anything that opens, closes and secures a door including door hardware, lodging systems, electronic access and data, physical access solutions, entrance systems, interior glass systems, safe locks, movable walls, master key systems, key systems and service.

Dormakaba South Africa has been running for over 30 years with presence in all of Sub Saharan Africa. Their clients are architects, quantity surveyors, project managers, engineers, developers and anyone in the architectural construction industry. They recently found out that these clients have all taken up mountain biking as mountain biking is the new golf. They decided to sponsor mountain bike athlete, Nico Pfitzenmaier by hosting Dormakaba MTB clinics where Nico, one of the best technical riders in the country provides clients with professional tips of the trail. This proved to be a great success, and the following year they brought on Candice Lill (formerly Neethling) and then Vera Adrian.

Dormakaba South Africa is also passionate about women empowerment, our Team dormakaba Candice and Vera flying the company flag in front of the camera, with over 65% women behind the camera (office staff) too.

We are more than a company who sponsors a team, dormakaba is passionate about good health and specifically mountain biking. Many dormakaba staff members have embraced the sport too, including our director, Shaun Frayne, who recently completed his first Absa Cape Epic. This is why you will see a whole team of us at the events.

Being a global company we received a lot of pull back on sponsoring athletes due to the risk of scandal, so the pressure was on to find athletes on integrity.

Our three chosen ambassadors truly embody the brand value of trust, performance and courage and we are proud to sponsor them. Candice & Vera completed their first Absa Cape Epic this year, but we did not put pressure on them to win as it was their first time and rather encouraged them to enjoy the trail and most importantly embrace the pain.

The team are currently the defending champions for both the Berg&Bush and the sani2c (we’ve just entered them into the 2017 sani2c). The ladies are more than team mates, they are great friends who really support each other and that in itself is a pleasure to work with.

Both women are Olympians of different disciplines (Vera of Road, Candice of XC) but they’ve found strength in stage racing and we look forward to their ascent.