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As adults, when we think back to our childhood, we often reminisce on the seemingly endless time freedom we had. Life seemed simpler, slower and filled with more of what we wanted.

Fast track a few years (inserts decades where applicable) and everything has fallen on its head. You’re reading this very newspaper because you’re Into Cycling, but there’s hardly enough time to read about cycling let alone get on the bike.
The answer is however simple and lies in the freedom of your youth. We at

ActionCOACH business coaching call it a ‘Default Diary’. As much as possible needs to be scheduled and happen by default. The less thinking and planning that’s involved the better. As a child you woke up at the same time, had a timetable dictating the subjects for the day, when sp ort would happen and even dinner and bedtime were barely 30 minutes apart. Doesn’t sound as free to me as I remember then.

It was however the schedule that created the freedom. Less thinking just more pitching up to enjoy. The schedule ensured we were always present in an activity as everything else was already taken care of.

So to create your ‘default diary’ put in the important rocks into your schedule first. If you’re Into Cycling make sure it’s scheduled. Add in health and fitness time, regular family and partner slots (e.g dinner time, date night), work and even commute time etc. Try not to create balance of life in a day or even a week but schedule balanced activities so that over a month or even a quarter every area of life gets it’s rightful share.
That way you remove the guilt and can actually enjoy your time on the bike instead of thinking where else you need to be.

The tight schedule is in fact your best friend and a well designed ‘default diary’ will feel like you’ve gained literally hours per day. That way you start doing more of what you really want and not just chasing between the must do’s. Perhaps now is the time to get into Action!

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