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Science Flexion

Science Flexion Personal Training Studio was created for the individual, for people seeking more from training than simply being in the crowd or showing up, accompanied by a Personal Trainer that also wants to better him or herself as a trainer, trainers doing this firstly for the passion of training and helping others achieve their goals and secondly for the income.

Science Flexion Trainers all have one thing in common, Passion for Training, Passion for achieving goals, a passion for bettering your yesterday’s best.

Science FlexionScience Flexion Studio is owned by Katy Slabber and Juan Matthee with roughly 25 years of sports and fitness industry experience.

Science FlexionScience Flexion

“We saw the need for a studio where people with real goals and dreams can come to achieve success, to be guided along your fitness journey by people who are not just there to tell you what to do but people that actually walk that path and journey with you.”

A safe non judgemental space where you can come and truly learn to know yourself and how to make the most of who and what you are.

32 Piet Retief Street, Stellenbosch
Katy 079 6044 649

(Director of Science Flexion)
Juan 072 443 6657