12 Hour Endurance Ride for Myeloma


For those of us fortunate enough to take our daily or weekend rides, our journey could last as little as 20 kilometres up to 100 plus kilometres. We get to enjoy the breathe taking views along the coast, and as we head up to Cape Point and Chappies we stop to take selfies with views of the mountains and wide expanses of blue sea in the background.

A quick WhatsApp to our wives, girlfriends, family or friends with the pic attached saying “Hi, just got to the top of Chappies, such a beautiful day to be on the bike.” And don’t forget the ride loaded onto Strava at the end with pics attached as we count the number of followers giving us “Kudos” for our ride.

Sometimes we ride hard as the ‘wheel suckers’ grab our wheel. Suddenly that racing instinct kicks in, and we are willing to suffer just to get to the top of that climb which looms ahead in first place. But there will always be that compulsory coffee stop at Vida Belvedere in Newlands where many a cycling tail has been shared, before that easy pedal back home.

For others the journey is much tougher and longer, years in fact. The daily battle and suffering from the effects of treatment from a rare form of Cancer, Myeloma (a cancer of the blood).

This was my mom’s journey after being diagnosed with this disease (in some cases, your doctor may detect it accidently when you undergo a blood test for some other condition). Her first treatment of Chemo Therapy lasted one year, thereafter she went into remission for three years. M Proteins where again detected (produced by Myeloma cells). Chemo Therapy was again started which lasted a year, and she went into remission again. The years during remission were good years gaining her strength back, and for us as a family having our mom back, free of pain and suffering was a Blessing.

Sadly the M Proteins were detected again and her final treatment lasted eight months before she passed away on 11 July 2016. A journey for her of battles and suffering which will dwarf any bit of suffering we experience up Chappies or any climb in cycling!

It is with this in mind that I have embarked on this journey in memory of my mom, Madge Sissing to create awareness and to raise funds for testing Myeloma. My journey does not take me on a picturesque ride around the Cape Peninsula but a 12 hour Endurance ride around Killarney Race track on the 30 April 2017, starting at 08h00 and ending at 20h00.

Your support will create awareness and your donations will go to the testing and detection of this disease. Take action, it is the only way we can make a difference in someone’s life.

Article by Russel Sissing

For donations visit www.givengain.com/activist/115328   

For more information contact 082 840 3023