Cyclists obsess about kit and bikes, but they often overlook one of the most important pieces of gear – socks! Choosing the right pair can be the difference between a great trail experience and uncomfortable blisters.

Falke’s Limited Edition range is the ace in your sleeve! Light, bright & geared for the dirt, Limited Edition socks match the thrill of the road.

The latest footwear technology ensures superior comfort en-route, featuring a fine toe seam to reduce the risk of friction, as well as a reinforced heel and toe for durability. Mesh panels for ventilation help keep your feet cool and dry so you can focus on what you do best – pushing your limits on the trails.

Available in four styles: Stars, Dot, Argyle and Plain. Seamless toe to prevent blisters, Sensitive cuff for comfort, Mesh panels for ventilation (keep your feet cool and dry), Reinforced heel and toe for durability and Arch support to prevent the sock from sliding mid-ride.

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